Where two or three are gathered in My name

This lockdown period allowed us to reflect on how our lives have changed since the pandemic. Many things that might have seemed so ordinary now seem extraordinary and special. In my case, spending time with my friends now seems valuable to me. I had the privilege of eating breakfast with my fellow theology students every morning. Then of course we would have a small devotion and sing a hymn to start off the day.

Now that I reflect on this everyday routine, I realise that this time spent with other people gave me energy to make the most of every day. They certainly helped build my faith as well. While it was such a simple routine, it was an incredibly valuable part of my life in fact. Eating together and spending time with one another energizes us, not only physically but also spiritually.

We can be grateful for the people close to us, our family and friends. In this challenging time, when we are isolated and alone, we still need to find a way to connect with people. Through emails, messages, phone calls or whatever, we can reach one another and build relationships that foster faith.

The song in our hymnal emphasises the value of gathering with people as God will be present when we gather in Jesus’ name. (Matthew 18:20)

Tristan D. Krüger
Theology student from Kroondal