I experienced an element of Divine intervention in the week before the Fellow ship Camp that we held from the 22-24 July 2022. I had been working with the sermon text for that week, Romans 6:3-11. Pause for a second here, and take a minute or two to read it.

In the text, Paul speaks about us having died with Christ to our sin and then also having been raised with Him to new life. Because of this, every part of us, our whole body, is now an instrument that can, and should, glorify God. His grace has set us free to live.

Tristan Krüger then asked me if I was willing to do a devotional that weekend at our Fellowship Camp. When I asked him what the theme for the camp was, he said ALIVE.
Not only was the text in Romans the perfect theme for the camp, but when Tris- tan did his devotional at the camp, he used this exact same piece not knowing that it was the sermon text for that Sunday.

At the Fellowship Camp, we went for walks, had devotionals together, played board games, ate, swam in the freezing cold sea, defrosted our toes, hiked, ate some more, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. We celebrated being

alive and celebrated God for giving us this life.

Ingrid Kassier