There are many opportunities to join in! We’d love to welcome you at one of our events or Sunday services, and there are plenty of other ways to get involved. Take a look:


The calendar is the best place to check dates and times; here you’ll find the regular schedule for Sunday services and events. We also have English-German, trilingual and family services from time to time. For more information on these and other celebration services, please also check the calendar.

Here is some more information about our Sunday services.

1st Sunday of the month
10:00 – German (with tea and coffee afterwards) – Stellenbosch

2nd Sunday of the month
10:30 – German (with tea and coffee afterwards) – Somerset West
18:30 – Fellowship Service – English – Stellenbosch

3rd Sunday of the month
10:00 – German (with Holy Communion) – Stellenbosch

4th Sunday of the month
10:30 – German (with Holy Communion) – Somerset West
18:30 – Fellowship Service – Stellenbosch

5th Sunday of the month
10:00 – Pulpit exchange – Stellenbosch



We currently have 3 organists accompanying our services. It is fun for us to play such a beautiful (just renovated) instrument, but it also increases the joy of the service to participate.

If there are still hobby organists somewhere who would like to participate, please contact us! Maren Stallmann 0834450280


We have many hard-working instrumentalists in our congregation who brighten up our service and make it interesting. If you play an instrument and would like to join in the service, please contact Maren Stallmann on 0834450280.

There is also a music band that accompanies our evening services – if you would like to take part, please contact Vicar Ingrid Kassier or Johann Rohwer.

We also have a Music Team that accompanies our English evening services, where we celebrate with newer songs. We are always happy to welcome new participants, for example percussion, (bass-)guitar, melody instruments like saxophone, clarinet or flute, or keyboard. If you play an instrument and feel like joining us, contact Vicar Ingrid Kassier or Johann Rohwer. It would be fantastic if our group could grow into a full-blown band!


Our events and celebrations are a place for everyone to get together and enjoy themselves. Take a look…

Winter Fest
At the beginning of June every year, traditional German food and ‘gemütlichkeit’ draw visitors from near and far to the Winter Fest. Handmade crafts and delikatessen are also available and the day ends in a lucky draw with lots of prizes.

Christmas Market
Advent baked goods, German food, coffee and cake, ‘bunte teller’, stollen and handmade Christmas decorations are on sale at the Christmas Market at the end of November.

The many bazaars, festivals, sausage sales and breakfast meetings certainly require a lot of organisation and helpers. . Many helpers are always needed. Many hands make lighter work – and we have a lot of fun working together!


Have you noticed? There are fresh flowers on the altar every Sunday. Wouldn’t you like to bring some too? Please let us know on which Sunday you are willing to help?

Every first Sunday of the month we offer coffee/tea and cake after the service so that we can catch up with each other.

We need someone to take care of and help with the preparation- setting up cups, boiling water and doing the dishes afterwards.


At some point we are all in a situation where we need support: a visit, a confidential conversation, a walk or simply practical help. It would be nice if you could participate here.


If you see yourself as suitable, please volunteer a sexton and/or a lector for the German and English services in Stellenbosch and Somerset West. If you would like to help, please contact the office. We would greatly appreciate your support!