Yet again, it was such a wonderful experience to watch the second season of The Chosen series together as a Bible Study. The group gathered together every Thursday evening for eight weeks. We would start by reading the scriptural references for that particular episode. Often the creators of the series had made sure that each episode draws together scriptures from the New and Old Testaments, and placed them in conversation with each other. In the episodes, we would then watch the characters and scenes that we had read about come to life.

Something that we noticed as a group was that reading Biblical texts afterwards had so much more colour to them. Our imagination was switched on. We start- ed to notice the personalities of the characters, the possible sounds, and sur- roundings of where they might have lived and worked, and so our imagination became a tool to help interpret the Scriptures.

Thank you to each and every person who took part in the Bible Study. Thank you for participating and sharing not only in the discussions but also in the spiritual journey of the other members of the group. I hope that this is not the end of our journey together.

Ingrid Kassier