All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.
2 Timothy 3,16

As a theologian, I am always pleased to receive monthly bible verses that set dogma- tic accents. February is about a central content of faith, namely the Bible, or more classically, the Holy Scriptures. And once again I discover many things for which I am grateful.

Scripture bears God’s handwriting

The Greek adjective theopneustos, literally: God-breathed, which only occurs here in the New Testament, names God as the author of the Holy Scriptures. God inspired them, i.e. he had input. This does not mean a literal dictation, but a divine influence on the authors of the Bible. Although the Bible is entirely the work of man, it never- theless bears God’s handwriting. That is what makes it so extraordinary and I am grateful for that.

Scripture is not a rule

The Bible has authority due to divine inspiration. In Reformation terms, it is the nor- ma normans, the standard by which all other standards are judged. Paul does not re- gard it as a literal legal text to be applied, but as a useful aid for believers. It teaches, rebukes, corrects and educates for a righteous life. It is not a prescription, but a guide. Readers should not simply follow it, but should use the Scriptures themselves to understand and apply what leads to a righteous life in their particular situation. An understanding of the Bible as presented here is aimed at maturity. It leads to free- dom. I am grateful for that.

Scripture is a credit

What is a life of righteousness that Scripture wants to guide us to? This is about a re- lationship process. To be just means, for example, to be faithful. To be just means to ensure social balance. God is just, which means that he fulfils his word and his faith- fulness to all his creatures. A person lives justly when he is faithful to God and his fel- low human beings and creatures and fulfils their justified claims. Being righteous means leading a successful life in relationship with God and all creatures. The Bible guides us in this, and this makes it a great treasure in the lives of Christians.

I am particularly grateful for this.
CBM-Mitarbeiter / CBM employee Christoph Müller