I, Rutendo Immaculate Gora, was born in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe to Fiyiwe and Kennedy Gora. I am a pastor’s child. I started pre-school in Chegato, Zimbabwe till Grade 2. I moved to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in 2008 and continued my primary school at Ridge Primary School. From Grade 4 to 7, I was in Scotts- ville Primary School and then Grade 8 to 12 in Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School. I am now presently studying BDiv (Bachelor of Divinity, 2nd year) Theol- ogy at Stellenbosch University. I was raised Lutheran and became acquainted with the Stellenbosch Lutheran Church in 2020 (one crazy first year). I am honoured to be mentored by Pastor Felix Meylahn.

The confirmation classes are part of the reason why I chose to follow my call- ing. I also enjoyed being in service to others and admired the work of mission- aries while growing up. My mother recalls that when I was five, I said that I wanted to become a pastor and I believe the Lord has established my path (Proverbs 16, 9). God has chosen me, and I want to do my upmost best so God may fulfil God’s purpose through me.

As I began learning more about Theology, the more I realised how much I yearned to understand my faith more. To be honest, it initially felt more like a leap of faith and taking the advice of ‘do what you love.’ I had to learn that within so much uncertainty anything is possible with the love of God. But most amazing is how God keeps holding onto me when I feel like I have let go.